Chocolate Lover's Soap
Soap Colorization Sample
A chocolate lover's dream!  Simply irresistible!   The
aroma is so intoxicating that you have to remind yourself
that it's not edible!   Chocolate with a hint of vanilla!

Each 6 oz. bar is individually wrapped and beautifully
packaged.  $7.50

Ingredients:  Coconut Oil, Almond & Vitamin E Oils, Vanilla, and
Chocolate Essential Oils.
Chocolate's reputation for making people feel good is based not only on its caffeine content,
but on its naturally occurring mood altering chemicals phenylethylalanine and anandamide.
Phenylethylalanine is found in the blood of people in love.   

Vanilla has a sweet, and rich aroma; and has a soothing effect.
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